kioteeuglee (22:28:12): you there?>
kioteeuglee (22:29:23): my sister can't get her set up correctly the server is done
now Jon told her yet she should still be able to
set it correct?

kjj31337 (22:58:19): yes, she can set it up, but we
won't know the passwords until the server is
back up

kioteeuglee (23:04:10): what are the passwords

kjj31337 (23:04:21): six random letters
kioteeuglee (23:04:54): oh okay
kjj31337 (23:05:50): how are you tonight?
kioteeuglee (23:07:09): good tired
kioteeuglee (23:07:15): stir fry was good
kioteeuglee (23:07:20): not too tired
kjj31337 (23:07:33): not too tired? want some
company for a bit?

kioteeuglee (23:08:38): well I am going to lay

kjj31337 (23:08:48): woohoo! I'll be right over!

kioteeuglee (23:08:53): cause I pushed alarm til

kioteeuglee (23:09:01): I can go lay on the couch
kioteeuglee (23:09:22): but I have to go to bed
by like 12:30-1:00 or I will be shit!

kioteeuglee (23:09:32): when do you have your
hr meeting?

kjj31337 (23:10:11): I had it today. Derek stood
up for us and they just put the call reports in our
files with a "verbal conference" that we aren't
supposed to misuse the phones

kioteeuglee (23:10:41): really what time?
kjj31337 (23:10:50): hey, I could potentially stay
over there tonight, but I'd have to be back here
to take Aaron to school by 7:30ish

kioteeuglee (23:10:55): so did they have a list

kjj31337 (23:11:07): uh, not sure when it was
exactly. after 6:00 at some point, I guess

kioteeuglee (23:11:24): with the hr chick what did
Derek say?

kjj31337 (23:11:34): all I saw was a list of the
"non-business" calls in and out from my phone
for October

kjj31337 (23:12:13): Derek didn't say anything,
but he went to the meetings with all of us HSD

kioteeuglee (23:12:20): did they have the

kioteeuglee (23:12:48): so Ben got his written
taken back?

kjj31337 (23:12:51): yeah, they had the numbers
we had called. they actually messed up my
report and all the outgoing calls they listed were
calls to customers

kioteeuglee (23:12:58): what did he say to you
guys about it?

kjj31337 (23:12:59): yeah, they threw it away
kjj31337 (23:13:13): he didn't really say anything
to us about it, at least not to me.

kioteeuglee (23:13:48): No I don't want a bed

kjj31337 (23:13:52): :(
kioteeuglee (23:13:57): can't do that my sponsor

kjj31337 (23:14:11): what? your sponsor
apparently hasn't met me then

kioteeuglee (23:14:34): no men
kjj31337 (23:14:54): woah! that's creepy.
kioteeuglee (23:15:09): no it is not!
kioteeuglee (23:15:22): I am learning to love me
and fill the whole myself!

kioteeuglee (23:15:47): and god is there
kjj31337 (23:15:53): I'm not talking about filling
your hole, I'm talking about sleeping next to you
and being warm

kioteeuglee (23:16:07): nope
kioteeuglee (23:16:11): can't do that
kioteeuglee (23:16:21): you can be warm in your
own bed!

kjj31337 (23:16:22): I'm not going to push it, I just
think it is a little bit strange

kioteeuglee (23:16:31): hell your house is hot!

kjj31337 (23:16:46): heh. yup. except when I've
got all the windows open

kioteeuglee (23:17:06): no it isn't strange it is
strange to have men sleepin in my bed wrong
message to kids too!

kjj31337 (23:17:07): hey, I'll come out and talk to
you in person for a bit, ok?

kioteeuglee (23:17:22): well Ky I really want to
go to bed

kioteeuglee (23:17:32): don't drive all the way out

kjj31337 (23:18:19): I don't mind driving out there
to sit on the couch with you, but if you're
planning on going to bed in, say, the next 30
minutes, I'd rather just talk to you here

kioteeuglee (23:18:49): yeah in like 10
kioteeuglee (23:18:51): lol
kjj31337 (23:18:54): heh. ok
kioteeuglee (23:18:56): I am tired!
kioteeuglee (23:18:59): alot these days
kjj31337 (23:19:08): I thought you weren't too
tired tonight

kioteeuglee (23:20:21): am just trying not to be
kioteeuglee (23:20:47): so I am gonna go to bed
so i am not overly tired at 7 am

kioteeuglee (23:20:59): but i will be I know!

kioteeuglee (23:21:01): :(
kjj31337 (23:21:37): could be worse. I go to bed
every night knowing that no matter how tired I
am, I'll be awake well before 9:00

kjj31337 (23:22:59): when 5:30 rolls around, and
I'm still awake, it starts getting creepy...
sometimes I wonder how I can function so well
with so little sleep

kioteeuglee (23:23:00): I am older thenyou too!
kioteeuglee (23:23:19): you look kinda freaky
sometimes too!

kjj31337 (23:23:29): as far as I can tell, it won't be
getting better with age, it'll be getting worse

kioteeuglee (23:23:30): I don't hink you are
function as well as you think

kioteeuglee (23:23:49): yeah I used to not sleep
at all when I was your age

kioteeuglee (23:23:56): hung out all night!

kioteeuglee (23:23:59): for days
kjj31337 (23:24:03): I'll probably end up a bit like
my friend's father in law. he doesn't sleep much

kioteeuglee (23:24:40): you can tell in your eyes
that you are wacked though and you look and
act stoned sometimes!

kioteeuglee (23:24:47): Well I am going to bed

kioteeuglee (23:24:53): you should try this!

kioteeuglee (23:24:57): go to bed now
kioteeuglee (23:25:10): and then take him to
school in the am!

kjj31337 (23:25:12): I'll do that, but I don't think
it'll work

kioteeuglee (23:25:40): try
kioteeuglee (23:25:54): so you teach yourself
better habbits!

kioteeuglee (23:25:56): lool
kjj31337 (23:26:07): better habits? like what?
kioteeuglee (23:26:09): like not sleepin with

kioteeuglee (23:26:18): like going to sleep!

kjj31337 (23:26:37): I hope you won't mind if I
reject the premise that sleeping with someone
isn't a bad habit

kjj31337 (23:26:44): er, that it is a bad habit
kjj31337 (23:27:21): not tonight, but I'll get all
philosophical about that some time

kioteeuglee (23:27:39): it is your opinion and how
healthy are you trying to be anyways?

kioteeuglee (23:28:10): if neither one of us had
motives then well it would be ok

kjj31337 (23:28:17): what do you mean by
healthy? I'm in better health than most people I
know, in most facets

kioteeuglee (23:28:22): but one has them back in
the head

kjj31337 (23:28:49): not even our courts punish
people for having motives, provided they don't
act on them

kioteeuglee (23:28:51): any objections there
kioteeuglee (23:29:00): but god does
kjj31337 (23:29:05): let me put it like this
kioteeuglee (23:29:06): thoughts are sins too
kjj31337 (23:29:54): I love you, and it would be a
waste to love you and to not be attracted to you

kioteeuglee (23:30:13): good try
kioteeuglee (23:30:24): love one way Kyle I love
you another

kioteeuglee (23:30:39): not for in love purposes
kioteeuglee (23:30:46): just don't
kjj31337 (23:30:52): no, I love you the same way
you love me.

kioteeuglee (23:30:54): can't make that shit
happen if it is not there

kioteeuglee (23:30:59): not
kioteeuglee (23:31:06): truth
kjj31337 (23:31:21): the difference is that my
attraction is driven by my love, not the other way

kioteeuglee (23:31:32): you need to just find a girl
that isn't as deep as me

kjj31337 (23:31:50): as deep as you? how so?
kioteeuglee (23:32:46): you need to find a girl
that hasn't been through alot and such because I
know exactly what I am looking for because I
have been through so much!

kioteeuglee (23:33:20): I have a define cut and I
know when it doesn't fit

kioteeuglee (23:33:26): and you don't that way
kioteeuglee (23:34:01): but I love you because
you are truthful and pure and young and
refreshing smart

kioteeuglee (23:34:13): and have been my friend
kioteeuglee (23:34:22): and I need that most right

kjj31337 (23:34:29): one sec, talking to my mom
on the phone

kioteeuglee (23:34:34): I can't get into a
relationship yet

kioteeuglee (23:34:49): because I am focus on
my character defects

kioteeuglee (23:35:03): and what makes me run
and be psyco

kioteeuglee (23:35:16): I am laying down
respond if you want

kjj31337 (23:35:25): ok. just got off the phone
with mom

kjj31337 (23:37:14): I've understood and
accepted for a while now that you aren't
attracted to me, and I don't mind. I'm still
attracted to you. :)

kioteeuglee (23:37:36): :)
kioteeuglee (23:37:42): love ya hun night night
kjj31337 (23:37:48): for the same reasons, I like
being your friend, because I know you, and I
know how good you are

kjj31337 (23:41:56): The only one thing I really
want to ask you to do, is to look within yourself.
Find the things you don't like, and watch them.
When you see them working, you'll understand
them, and when you understand them, they'll
fade away. But, you have to know, with
everything you've got, that what you are
watching is what YOU don't like, and not what
other people tell you that you shouldn't like.