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Book Review


The Rant Zone, Dennis Miller --HarperCollinsPublishers

If there is any doubt in your mind that Dennis Miller has his nasty smelling finger on the rising pulse of American cynicism; this book will destroy that doubt. Dennis chimes in on many of today's topics including crappy jobs, marriage, hipsters and tons of other stuff most people are too scared to contemplate. The whole book leaves me with an uncanny motivation to use the f-word in all sorts of new ways. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Added Guitar Section

[15-Sept-2002] I've been wanting to add a page specifically for guitar stuff. Here it is.

Invitation to cause trouble

[11-Sept-2002] Just for the hell of it, I've put my PDA on the net for people to play with. It may or may not be available all the time (after my entire home network gets r00ted) but here's the link to my PDA. It's a Sharp Zaurus running Linux. I have good backups so don't be shy...A couple of things, Don't mess with the Discoverer, VNC or wireless settings (you won't hurt the PDA) but your connection may be lost. The link should prompt you for a password. Just hit the OK button.

Class of '87 Reunion

[10-Sept-2002] Several weeks ago I promised to post some pictures from Tami's class reunion. (sorry about being so slow, I've been traveling the whole time). So without further excuses; Here they are. And here is Tami on the trampoline. UPDATE: Eric Boyum and Lana (Miklas)Barthle sent pictures, I hope you guys don't mind me posting this stuff. If you do, email me and I'll take it down.

Tarrytown, NY

[10-Sept-2002] I met with a couple of 'ol army buddies from Wildflecken. We were stationed in Germany together (I was there from 1989-1991). Anyway...Joe and I have been looking for Tony ever since we left 1/68th Armor and this weekend we finally met. I had a great time and here are some pics of us together as well as a tour of the J.D Rockefeller mansion in Tarrytown. UPDATE: Here are some more pictures that Tony Sent. Sidney, the black dude in the pics, performed an exorcism on me. I seemed a bit distraught, but Tony says it happens to him quite often :)

Fireworks on the 4th

[10-July-2002] We all went to Lake Florence to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Here are some pics of the fireworks

Florida Pics II

[28-May-2002] I completed the web optimization for the Florida pictures.

Florida Pics

[19-May-2002] Some pictures I took while at an AIX course in Miami. These are big pics..I haven't optimized them for the web yet they are about 1 Meg each.

Vacation Pics

[19-April-2002] Some pictures I took while on Vacation in Mexico. I know...I haven't built the page yet but in Dean's words it's an " 'ol scool content rich web page".

Guitar Pics

[09-April-2002] Some pictures of my guitar. It's a Fender Strat that I've had for a few years. It's in good shape even though it get's played alot. I just finished edging the frets, and re-stringing it with .011s a few days ago.

Pineapple Chili Recipe

[08-April-2002] I've been building and brewing Chili for nigh on 17 years. There are several kinds that I've made and tried. Here is a recipe for a chili I came up with after eating at Maui Tacos. They have a kewl salsa there that had pineapple in it so I thought it would taste good in chili too. Try it. You'll like it!

Added Some Links

[08-April-2002] I added some pics from the Boston University Cluster install. They are doing some kewl 3D Imaging stuff. Also added a link to this "classic" piece of SPAM that I recieved.

Web Log

09.20.2002 Setup PowerTab stuff in guitar section. Optimized for PDA/small screens. Added new CD Review


23. A press release for the Sherwin Williams Project I worked on.


17. Boston University Cluster and 3d imaging


2. A press release on the E*Trade project I did the kernel optimization for.


8. First SPAM Post

8 Chris' Pineapple Chili Recipe